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Thea Polancic

Thea Polancic

Founder & Chair

Thea Polancic is a passionate advocate for the power of business to create prosperity, fulfillment and beauty in the world.

Over the past fifteen years, Thea has helped organizations large and small to create businesses that are “great from the start”. She is a founding mentor to Chicago accelerators TechStars Chicago and The Impact Engine. She is also on the Advisory Board of the Conscious Venture Lab, a business accelerator for early stage conscious capitalist companies.

Chris Johnson

Chris Johnson

Learning & Practice

Chris has devoted her life to the deep listening that underpins ‘what matters most’ in people’s lives.  In Japanese this listening is called Tamashi -the living Spirit, deeper than Intellect and Heart…that informs all of her work. She’s passionately committed to cultivating exemplary leaders, collaborative teams, and engaged, thriving communities. As an experienced psychologist, teacher and leadership coach she’s known for creating trust with those who value her honesty, deep listening and commitment to their success.

When she’s not working, Chris is likely either making art, gardening, or at the aikido dojo where she practices and teaches the art of peace.

Lee Capps

Lee Capps


Lee Capps is committed to a world where business works and people are fulfilled in their work.

Lee “grew up” in information technology and systems work with a process orientation. Blessed with a fairly balanced brain, he discovered that his true calling seemed to be on the human side of things – not just making technology work, but helping people work (and work together) more effectively. Going through organizational change as a leader prepared him for consulting in the human development arena – supporting organizations to shift self-limiting behaviors and outmoded mindsets to achieve results.

Eileen Robertson Hamra

Eileen Robertson Hamra

Events & Logistics

Eileen’s passion is found in enabling individuals, families and communities to live healthy and balanced lives.

She fulfills her calling through a combination of executive coaching, health and lifestyle coaching, serving the community and on business boards, and investing in companies that are making a positive impact in the world.

Eileen enjoys spending time watching her children play soccer, dance and sail.  She also can be found enjoying all the coolest coffee houses in Chicago with her husband Mike.

Nina O'Neil

Nina O'Neil

Communications and Thought Leadership

Nina is passionate about business being a force for good, authentic communication and conscious leadership.

Nina helps companies and people lead from the heart to fulfill their vision.  A communications consultant and mindshift coach, she teaches effective communication strategies and mindfulness using the principles and practices of Kundalini Yoga, a 4,000 – year old yogic technology.  She also coaches entrepreneurs how to effectively use their energy and their resources to work smarter not harder.

When she’s not working with clients, she can be found at the theater, traveling, enjoying great food and conversations with friends; and on the mat practicing Kundalini Yoga, which is known as the yoga of awareness.




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