VoiceAmerica Interviews Thea Polancic

Thea Polancic, Founder & Chair of Conscious Capitalism Chicago, joined host, Maureen Metcalf of Innovative Leaders Driving Thriving Organizations, to give an in-depth interview about the importance of profit and purpose. Maureen, the talented and award-winning host on VoiceAmerica Internet talk-radio offers content that inspires, entertains and enlightens.

Tune into  “Conscious Capitalism: What & Why Leaders Should Know More” to hear about the movement and philosophy that allows business to transform. Conscious Capitalism is Business 2.0. The methodology builds organizational structure around doing something that matters — business that makes a difference; leaders who have an impulse to solve a need and are unapologetically profit motivated.

Listen now for real-world examples of Conscious Capitalism working for the individual and all stakeholders. In 40 minutes you’ll learn about taking the first- or one of many steps toward a conscious business:  

  1. The four pillars of Conscious Capitalism
  2. What does personal Conscious Capitalism look like
  3. What concrete actions individuals can take to get started
  4. What concrete actions organizations can take to get started
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